“I would be happy to come to Voronezh again”


Published 16th June 2015


Igor Glek shared his thoughts abot the Chess Festival in Voronezh in the interview to the famous site CHESSDOM.COM. You can read the full interview here:


Igor Glek has become the winner of the
Istra Blitz Cup


Published 14th June 2015


On the Day of City Istra 14th of June the blitz tournament was hold in the sport complex "ARENA-ISTRA". 26 chess players of  different ages from Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Istra, Snegiry and Dedovsk took part in the competition. With pleasure of all participants the tournament was visited by honoured guest famous grandmaster Igor Glek, who has become the winner of the event.


Find the list of participants and final standing here:

News of the "Moscow International Chess and Mind Games Academy of GM Igor Glek" and и East Moscow Chess Federation

Published 05 January 2015


Happy New Year! And all the best in 2015!


1. In the beginning of January 2015 году we begin the tournaments - with norms of IM, rating and for children.


The main playing venues – the Chess specialization of SCOLIPE (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Sireneviy b-d 4) and the Chess-draughts club of the "Sokolniki" park.


There are several free places still!

The next tournaments will start right after the closure of the festival «Moscow Open2015», 10 February.


The winners of the last tournaments (november 2014): VAO14_11a: 1-3. GM Glek I., IM Simonyan T. (Armenia), FM Vdovin V. (student of SCOLIPE, fulfilled the norm of IM) ; VAO14_11d: 1. IM Atabayev M. (Turkmenistan), 2-3. FM Vdovin V. (fulfilled the norm of IM) ; FM Golubev R. (Uzbekistan, both – students of SCOLIPE).


Rules of the tournament with the norm of IM (on Russian)


Rules of the rating tournament


2. In the beginnig of the February 2015 during the festival «Moscow Open 2015», the FIDE Trainers seminar will be hold, the participants will have the possibility of getting FIDE trainers' titles.

Also during the year 2015 in Russia several FIDE Trainers seminars will be provided. The preliminary information about the time and venue can be found in the RCF calendar:

The Team of Igor Glek ACADEMY has become the silver winner of the Moscow Team Championship 2014

Published 13th October 2014


On Sunday October 12th the last round of the Moscow Team Championship 2014 was hold. The matches took place: «Dvorets» – «Navigator», School of A.Karpov – Team of A.Kalinichev, «Boavishta» – ACADEMY of I.Glek, VNII  Avtomatiki – «Fishka», MSU – «Youth of Moscow».


The team of "Dvorets», represented by pupils of Moscow city youth arts centre on Vorobyovy Gory, has won the champion title of Moscow in advance. Before the last round it has become the inaccessible for competitors. In the last round the team "Dvorets" received the 17th match point (38.5 individual score) and win the gold of the championship.


The second place because of the draw with the team  "Boavishta" (3rd place with the result of 13 points (31,5 individual score)) was given to the team ACADEMY of I.Glek - the silver winner got 14 match points (38 individual score). Among its memebers were mostly sportsmen from SCOLIPE.

Read more about the tournament on Chess-results.

Финальная таблица -

The Team "Moscow International Chess and Mind Games Academy of Grandmaster Igor Glek" take part in the Moscow Team Championship 2014

Published 28 September 2014


The Moscow Team Championship will take place from September 27th till October 11th 2014 in  Moscow Centre of Chess Education: Moscow, Begovaya street 12. 11 teams of Moscow will participate, among them the team ACADEMY of I.Glek.


Teams, schedule and other information can be found on

Information about the tournament on th site of Moscow Chess Federation

Congratulations to everybody with the beginning of   the Moscow Team Championship 2014 and we wish brilliant victories to all of the participants!


Dates of events


CHESS — tournaments with norms, rating, rapid, blitz


CHESS — Summer camps 2015: Italy, Bulgaria


CHESS - "Chess Summer 2015":  trainers' course for trainers and players