Dates - June - July


Trainers' course for players and trainers:


LEVEL 4 . Basic: is designed for the beginners with ELO up to 1400. This course  gives the elementary knowledge and is devoted to the distinctive features of teaching the beginning players. (2 weeks)


LEVEL 3. Primary: is designed for the players wth ELO from 1400 up to 1800.  This course is devoted to the distinctive features of current skills and knowledge of the beginning players (2 weeks)


LEVEL 2. Fundamental: is designed for the players with ELO from 1800 up to 2100. This course is aimed to form confident way of playing in any kind of competitions, enhancement of the positive playing dynamics and work with the behavioural patterns in a situation of quick dispatch. (3 weeks)


LEVEL 1. Advanced: is designed for the players with ELO from  2100 till 2500. The complex of works when preparing for the participation in any tournament of players with ELO from 2100 up to 2500. (1 week)


Every level includes the theoretical and practical lessons, and also the participation in tournaments.


The lessons will be held 5 days per week. The day schedule is 5 hours per day with 15-minutes breaks between lectures. And also practical trainings 2 hours per day, 2 days per week.


The course includes an excursion (the theme and the program will be defined according to the wishes of the participants).


The main lecturer: Internationl Grandmster Igor V.Glek


The coordinator: International Master Satea Husari.


The cost of the course:


The cost of the course depends on the chosen level. For the foreign participants the accomodation should be prepaid. On completion of the course every prticipant will receive the ACADEMY's Certificate.  A group assumes  to be complete under  participation of minimum 4 and maximum 16 trainees. 


For foreign participants:

For visa invitation the fee will be included into the cost of the couse.




  • Developmental Instructor;

  • National Instructor; 

  • FIDE Instructor;

  • FIDE Trainer.


All lectures can be provided both in Russian as well as in English.

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