Dear friends!

        The idea of the Chess and Mind Games Academy has been formed since very long time. My way in chess let me tell you about the fact, that chess is a unique in its significance aspect of developing and forming the stratigical thinking of children and adults.

         I'm the professional chess player since 1989, in 1990 I was rewarded with the title of International Grandmaster of chess. 1989 - is also the year of my trainer's work beginning in the chess world. Also I'm known as a  chess theorist. Popular debut variations has my name: 4. g2-g3 in Four Nights Opening (1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Kg1-f3 Kb8-c6 3. Kb1-c3 Kg8-f6 4. g2-g3) and 7...Kb8-a6 (1.d4 Kf6 2.c4 g6 3.Kc3 Cg7 4.e4 d6 5.Ce2 0-06.Kf3 e5 7.0-0 Ka6) in Classical System of the Kings Indian Defence. The author od the opening's monographie " "4.g2-g3 in Four Nights Opening - Glek Variation" (Germany 1998) and of many articles and surveys by leading World Chess Theory Magazines "New in Chess" and "SOS" (The Netherlands). I'm the playing coach of the team "Academy of GM Igor Glek" (Moscow Iternational Chess And Mind Games Academy of Grandmaster Igor Glek) - vice-champion of Moscow 2014.

          Since February 2010 - the deputy head; since October - the head of "Chess" specialization of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth & Tourism (SCOLIPE, Since 2015 - the chief coach of PFUR (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia,

          In September 2011 I was elected as the Chairman of Moscow High School Chess Trainers' Counsil. The Chief Arbiter (general secretary) and organizer of the chess event: Moscow Students' Sport Games (2011-2014), Cup of Moscow Rapid Chess among students' teams  (Vladimir Alatortsev Memorial, 2013).

          Since January 2012 - The President of East Moscow Chess Federation.

          Since July 2012 - The Head of the Comission of chess work in districtas of Moscow of Moscow Chess Federation.

      Trainers and lecturers of our Academy are the chess professionals who love their job. The educational programmes are designed for the amateurs as well as for the professionals of higher level.

We will be very glad to see you among our "ACADEMICIANS"!  


Best regards,




The Chief Coach of the ACADEMY -

International Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, FIDE International Organizer, FIDE Abiter

Igor Vladimirovich GLEK

(the winner > 100 international tournaments, the highest rating  - 2670 (12th in the world) – 1996г.; champion and vice-champion of Europe, Olympiad playing by the teams of USSR, Russia, teams of different clubs, multiple champion of USSR, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland in team scoring)